corporate security planning

What it means

Many growing businesses face common issues: ensuring shareholder agreements are tailored and sound, protecting the business against the loss of key employees, and attracting and retaining quality talent through tax-effective group benefits, executive programs and pension plans. Corporate Security Planning enables you to implement solutions that benefit owners, employees and your business as a whole.

What it is

Planning that protects your business for the long term. Common issues you might face include establishing a sound shareholder agreement, protecting your business against the loss of a key employee, and attracting and retaining quality talent by offering tax-effective group benefits and pension plans.

How it works

  • BridgeWater partners with you or your finance and HR executives to implement strategic audits and create the right financial planning solutions for your business.
  • Key areas in which BridgeWater offers expertise and independent advice:

Corporate Matters

  • Strategic audits of shareholder and partner agreements
  • Buy-Sell arrangements
  • Partnership insurance
  • Shareholder insurance
  • Key person insurance

Employee Benefits

  • Group insurance
  • Health & Welfare trusts
  • Pension plans
  • Benefits administration
  • Executive compensation models

What you can expect

  1. Peace of mind that you’ve protected your business for the long term
  2. The ability to attract and retain quality talent to help you grow your business
  3. Tax-effective plans that combine creativity, innovation and reliability
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