philanthropy planning

What it means

Many established individuals and families we work with are interested in building strategic philanthropy plans that truly focus their energy and create meaningful impact in the areas that matter most to them. This reduces the dissatisfaction of off-target gifts and provides a clear direction for impactful giving.

What it is

Our Philanthropy Plan combines two important elements:

  1. A documented strategy that truly reflects your core values and principles for giving.
  2. A robust and sustainable process that draws on best practices to implement the various strategic, administrative and communicative layers of your plan.

The results? You impact the issue areas of most concern to you and create a clear plan to follow.

It’s doing, not just planning.

How it works

  • Identify your core values and issue areas that compel you most
  • Articulate the values and principles that you want your giving to perpetuate
  • Build and implement funding guidelines and granting processes
  • Explore and evaluate best practices in strategic philanthropy

What you can expect

  1. A more strategic approach to your philanthropy
  2. A constructive ‘filter’ for non-compelling charitable requests
  3. Greater satisfaction with the impact of your gifts
  4. A process and plan for involving your family or others - today or in the future
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