next generation planning

What it means

Mentoring the right values and skills. Exploring passion and purpose. Inviting experience and consequence. Exercising good financial judgement. Tending to wealth with careful consideration. All are an integral part of Next Generation Planning, in which we help you help your children to build productive lives.

What it is

A unique process for:

  1. Creating plans that articulate your intentions for how and when you will share your wealth with your children
  2. Developing the skills and experiences to help your children handle wealth appropriately

How it works

  • Develop your Living Game Plan™ – a document for how you intend to share your wealth with your children in your lifetime
  • Address how the Living Game Plan (what you do with your wealth during your life) integrates with your estate plan (what happens to your wealth after you are gone)
  • Develop your Wealth Stewardship Plan – the specifics for how and when you will instill the right wealth skills and experiences in your children

What you can expect

  1. Clarity around how you will share your wealth with your children
  2. Establishment of formal or informal mentorship programs to build the financial acumen of your children
  3. A greater appreciation from your children for how the wealth was built, the family’s core values, and the next generation’s productive role in preserving and stewarding the future wealth
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