Manage Risk

What it means

Risk to an established family appears in many forms. Mistakes or missed opportunities from any of the traditional planning fields of tax, investment and legal documentation create issues. However missed strategies in wills & estate planning, philanthropy, insurance and wealth stewardship can leave a family exposed to developments that could have been avoided and more carefully and creatively handled.

How BridgeWater can help

BridgeWater provides collaborative advising to help you construct and sustain a cohesive plan. We have planning programs to review the full picture, to ask the right questions and to search out and find meaningful solutions.

Once a plan is completed there is a clear understanding that protecting the plan is as important as creating it. New risks and opportunities will surface. Plans do not sustain themselves. People sustain the plans with appropriate monitoring, support, tools and processes. And that is what we do.

the integrated planning solution

builds a complete sense of your financial position, opportunities and potential risks – and ensures you stay on track through the years.

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the wealth intentions program

is a deeper, more experiential process. It develops a clear philosophy for your wealth and monitors the process on an ongoing basis to ensure you implement with confidence.

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the masters planning program

grows and protects wealth through an approach that combines the discipline of the Integrated Planning Solution with an investment manager search and monitoring process.

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risk management planning

provides you with peace of mind in protecting and sustaining your family wealth.

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