The wealth intentions program

What it is

A deeper, more experiential process that articulates a clear sense of your family wealth philosophy, often with refreshing new insights and conclusions.

How it works

  • A values-based process that reflects the uniqueness of your family
  • Choose between a comprehensive Wealth Intentions Program or select from individual components that are of the most concern to you.

Develop your:

  1. ‘Family Financial Philosophy’
  2. Program for financial independence, family legacy and social capital legacy
  3. Values-based approach to wills and estate planning
  4. Family Philanthropy Plan
  5. Next Generation Plan

What you can expect

  1. A safe environment to express your full intentions and explore your alternatives
  2. A commitment to complete those “unfinished conversations” you’ve had for years
  3. A document that integrates your thinking into a defined action plan
  4. Assistance in implementing your plans and ensuring you sustain them over the long term
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