what we believe

  1. Planning for affluent families is an option, not a need. But, done properly, a plan connects what is and what “could be” for the family.
  2. A third party facilitator can help affluent families break through their ‘circular conversations’ and implement financial solutions with confidence. We view BridgeWater as a quarterback for you as you work with your advisory team. We are not a replacement for your specialists.
  3. Many affluent families fall short in implementing wealth stewardship plans with their children.
  4. Next generation wealth planning is just as critical as planning for tax minimization, estates and wills.
  5. Protecting the plan is as important as creating it.
  6. Affluent families often overlook insurance as an innovative way to create liquidity, minimize tax and implement more effective philanthropic strategies.
  7. Successful wealth transition results when legal Will documents are combined with ‘personalized letters of wishes.’
  8. There are always two parties at play in achieving strong investment results: (1) the experienced manager with a sound philosophy and disciplined process; (2) the engaged and patient investor.
  9. A family philanthropy plan can be a productive tool for both sharing family values and making your giving more meaningful.
  10. Plans do not sustain themselves. People sustain the plans with appropriate monitoring through the right support, tools and processes.
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Planning & Risk Management for the Affluent

I began my career in insurance, attracted by the notion of protecting families and businesses.

Over time, as BridgeWater’s existing clients grew and new families joined our firm, other risks began to surface. How to manage the growing wealth wisely? How to preserve assets smartly? How to ensure children approach wealth appropriately and live life productively? How to give money effectively?

These are questions that find answers in planning and protecting. And that is what we do.

Insuring, by definition, is the act of making sure.

Through thoughtful in-depth planning and the implementation of tailored products and strategies we help families build stronger plans for greater certainty.

As a collaborative Coach and Advisor I have the pleasure of working directly with families and their professionals to either address an isolated area that needs attention, or assist them in pulling together a fully cohesive and dynamic plan.

Gwen Harvey
  • ~ Gwen Harvey,
  • Founder and President,
  • BridgeWater